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Mother and baby's health are paramount in any birth scenaro. I believe that a physically and emotionally supportive experience is also an intrinsically important part of motherhood and bonding. Empowered pregnancies, labors, and births sustain physical, mental, and emotional health as well as the priceless family bond. No matter the setting or circumstances, my mission is for you to feel capable, educated, and enthusiastic about your birth choices.

What exactly is it that doulas do that makes them so essential?

A doula is not a medical care provider and cannot give you medical advice. Instead, a doula fills the role of emotional and physical support. Historically, women are cared for and supported by other women during their pregnancy and labors. The intuitive, feminine touch can be a welcome comfort during the drastic changes and intense work that your body must endure. Additionally, she can help you process your birth plan and how to articulate your needs to your care provider.


A doula does not take over for your partner. Some significant others prefer to be more or less involved. Many partners find themselves more actively involved than they originally thought and that involvement can be such an asset in the bonding process. Regardless, a partner's level of comfort may vary and a doula can adjust to the situation at hand, guiding your partner in how to bring you comfort or simply filling in where they may not feel comfortable or know what to do.


A doula does not make medical decisions on your behalf. Instead, a doula learns your preferences and birth plan in order to support you in sticking as close to them as possible in the intensity of the moment. Some women find their resolve wavering at various points in the process and a doula can remind you of your original hopes and help you weigh the decisions that may arise.


A doula is not only for home births or natural births. Circumstances change and complications sometimes arise. A doula meets you in your birth environment and helps advocate for as many of your intentions to be brought to fruition as heathily possible. Whether you birth at home, in a birth center, or at a hospital, a doula can provide a sense of continuity in care throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth.


A doula is not "by appointment only." A doula partners with you to address the fears and trepidation that can come up before and during labor. When you have the inevitable questions that come up on this adventure, a doula is available to hear your concerns, provide you with resources, and help you process your options. There is no need to scramble to reinvent the wheel -- many women have birthed before you and many will birth after you. There is a lot of wisdom to be gained from experience.


Your body is on an incredible journey and sometimes it feels as if it's taking you along for the ride. A doula will help keep you present and grounded, offering pain management solutions like breathing techniques, visualization, vocalization, counter pressure, essential oils, and more. Easing your pain level and helping you relax are high priorities for healthy births and can signficantly reduce the possibility of emergency C-sections.

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DFW doula helping pregnant mama and dad

Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about my family. I know how important it is to include our loved ones in our experiences whenever we can and to remember these intimate once-in-a-lifetime moments. My experience with birth is both professional and personal. Before I even knew what a doula was, I attended dozens of friends' labors and births. Now with my training and professional experience, I love getting to offer that practical, emotionally supportive coaching to others! As a mother of five with my own variety of births (forceps, pitocin, natural in hospital, natural at home), I know that every birth is a unique experience ushering you into motherhood -- a step no one should have to make unsupported!


With a cumulative thirteen years of experience, it is my pride and joy to coach first-time moms, VBACs, and any woman who bravely asserts her need for support for such a divine journey.


As your doula, I want you to feel free to be emotionally present in your experience, soaking up every joy and even embracing any pain, because there is always beauty to be found. I will meet with you and share resources so that you can feel as prepared as possible for the adventure you are on. Some say as long as mama and baby are healthy, that is all we can ask for. I will always be grateful for healthy mamas and babies, but I also believe that the experience itself is important. Whether you want to be a rockstar warrior who yodels her way through labor or prefer a serene room with soft instrumentals, your environment should be one in which you feel empowered. Our birth experiences are our intitation into mothering a new soul and feeling supported makes the world of difference. I want to be a part of that support for you. It is my desire that you look back on your birth experience without regrets, regardless of any surprises, because you felt supported and engaged.


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I told you I am all about my family! I cannot help but share them. This is a photo from my youngest daughter's wedding of myself, my husband, my five children, and two sons-in-love.

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