Birth is a significant event and every woman deserves special attention from her birth team. I manage my client count so that you get my focused care throughout your pregnancy and labor.



From pregnancy to Braxton Hicks, pre-labor to transition, crowning to cuddling, a labor doula helps you do the work to get your baby where you want her: in your arms. With wisdom, experience, and a voice of empowerment, I support you through the whole process so that you and your body can do what you are both capable of doing!



Your care provider probably offers childbirth classes and I love when my clients get to connect with others in a class setting. I am happy to provide my recommendation for classes by an excellent childbirth educator in the area. Should you need private classes or a refresher course, I am more than happy to make arrangements with you to do so. Regardless, I want you to be informed and educated for your confidence and empowerment.

  • accessible emotional support

  • birth plan advocate

  • asset for mom and partner

  • resource for informed decisions

  • postpartum processing counsel



Just because "the big moment" is over and baby is earthside does not mean you have to handle everything on your own. Take advantage of my knowledge and emotional support to put your mind at ease so you (and baby!) can get some much needed rest. Lots of questions can come up post-birth and I make sure my clients are well taken care of.



Breastfeeding may be natural but that does not make it easy! This is an important area to "troubleshoot" if issues arise. Everything can go perfectly -- or maybe there are latch problems, tongue ties, or other issues. I am familiar with an array of situations and I will support you in resolving whatever arises or getting you outsourced to someone who can remedy the situation. One-on-one coaching can help you and your baby adjust to one another so that you can both thrive in this essential bonding experience.

I am a prayer warrior and if you need prayer support, I will happily supply it free of charge and in Jesus' name. :)
  • Free consultation

  • On call availability two weeks before and after your estimated due date

  • Two prenatal visits (may include care provider visit)

  • Email and phone access for questions

  • Emergency availability 24/7

  • Assistance in creating a birth plan

  • Support in articulating preferences, addressing fears, and creating your ideal birth environment

  • Provide in-home labor support to help you decide when to call your midwife or when to go to your hospital or birth center

  • Actively help in pain management through breathing techniques, vocalization, counter pressure, visualization, etc.

DFW Metroplex doula coaching laboring mother
  • Advocate for your preferred birth environment

  • Review concerns and options with you mid-labor so that you can confidently instruct your birth team

  • Include your partner in how to provide relief and support

  • Assist with photography using your camera or phone

  • Address other needs in labor as they arise

  • Assist with initial breastfeeding

  • Stay with you 1-2 hours post-birth to ensure your comfort

  • Return visit within 3-6 weeks to:

    • check up on breastfeeding progress

    • process birth experience together by triumphing in the joys and mourning any unfortunate circumstances. This step is especially dear to my heart because it helps mothers feel engaged and validated with their experience

    • present you with detailed info concerning your birth.

  • This package is great for first-time moms! It includes all services from the Essential Doula Package plus:

    • One additional prenatal visit. Some opt to use the extra visit to have the doula accompany them to a prenatal visit to meet the care provider and/or the rest of birth team.

    • Private childbirth session or refresher course.

  • Includes services of Essential Doula package -- $100 off for repeat clients!

  • Pricing for late-term clients varies. Please contact me for details.


Service notes: Prices and details subject to change. Please refer to your contract for service details, deposit information, and other particulars.


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